As a software engineer, I tend to be on the frugal side and try not to over spoil myself, but there are certain purchases that I think make your life more comfortable. People often say that you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping so it makes sense to spend money on a quality mattress. Well, as a software engineer, I spend the other 2/3 of my life in front of a computer so I think there is some justification in spending on my computer and accessories. This will be the first of what I hope will be many installments of posts on my tools of the trade. This first installment will be about my keyboard.

I must admit that I have spent most of my career using either generic keyboards or the classic wired mac keyboard (Apple Aluminum Wired Keyboard MB110LL/A (Refurbished)). I prefer this to the wireless keyboard because I like having a number pad and for the longest time apple didn't have a wireless one with a keypad (of course now I see that they have one: Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad (Wireless, Rechargable) (US English) - Silver). And these suited me just fine. In fact, at home I still use the wired apple keyboard.

In 2018 I finally decided to try a mechanical keyboard. I shopped around quite a bit and decided to go with Das Keyboard (Das Keyboard 4 Professional Soft Tactile MX Brown Mechanical Keyboard (DASK4MKPROSIL)). I had been wanting to try one for a long time, but I was nervous about spending so much money on a silly keyboard. A part of me also worried that I wouldn't like it. That somehow becuase the keys were bigger and clickier, that it would actually be more tiring for my hands to type. Not to mention that it would be annoying for those in my household to listen to. So I ultimately decided to try purchasing one to have at work and I'm very glad I did. It has made a world of difference for me. I love typing on that keyboard. It's a joy and the only downside is that it now makes typing on my old mac wired keyboard disappointing. It has no feel...there is no pleasure in striking the keys as there is with the mechanical keyboard.

Ultimately I would say I'm a big fan. I would recommend it to anybody who types a lot for a living even with them being as expensive as they are. I think it's worth it.